Logosophy is an original science that offers the human being the opportunity to carry out a process of evolution of his/her qualities by way of knowledge.

It teaches the human being to know himself/herself and to think freely by means of a process that is eminently practical.

It is a modern science that embodies a new and unsurpassable form of conceiving life, of thinking and feeling.

The Logosophical Educational System is formed by the various Logosophical Schools in the world, whose actions are supported on two pillars: the teaching of curricular content and the pedagogical work that prepares the student for life with the support of the logosophical conception.


"Man was created with an individuality of his own and endowed with all the indispensable attributes to evolve by himself towards a higher objective."

(Excerpt from the book Mister De Sándara)

"The life of each one of us is like the text of a book that carries our name on it, and in which we must be the main protagonist."

(Excerpt from the book Mister De Sándara)

"Knowledge expands life. It allows man to live in a reality that ignorance prevents him from enjoying."

(Excerpt from the book Logosophical Exegesis)

"Nature is wise and contains the nectar of wisdom. It is the first master of the human being."

(Excerpt from the book An Introduction to the Logosophical Cognition)

"Whoever is generous to learn, is generous to teach; but one must never exceed in this generosity, intending to teach before having learned."

(Excerpt from the book An Introduction to the Logosophical Cognition)

"Knowing oneself, that is, exploring his inner world and discovering the wonders that exist there, the man will know his Creator."

(Excerpt from the book The Mechanism of Conscious Life)

"Educating for life is considering, as one of its primary purposes, the improvement of all that lies in the existence of human beings."

(Excerpt from the book Compilation of articles from the "Logosophy" Magazine – Volume I)

"When the good is made with conscience; when it is made with naturality, without pride, without arrogance, to fulfill a spiritual need, life, of course, widens itself."

(Excerpt from the book An Introduction to the Logosophical Cognition)

"To dominate time, ensuring that it is fertile or productive is to have conquered one of the keys to evolution."

(Excerpt from the book Logosophical Exegesis)

"The time pushes when you do not make good use of it and that occurs when you do not think. The good use of time runs parallel to the function of thinking."

(Excerpt from the book Initiation Course into Logosophy)